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Oracletoolbox Portable
Download Oracletoolbox4 portable for Windows 13Mb (source site + Apache/2.4.25 PHP/5.6.30 for MSwin32)
        Redistribuable Visual C++ 32bits for Visual Studio 2012
        Oracle client 11G/12C 32bit. (sql*net and oracle OCI)
Installation :
        Unzip into C:\Program Files\oracletoolbox
            or unzip anywhere and update manualy "alias\oracletoolbox.conf", "bin\apache\apache2.4\conf\httpd.conf" and "bin\apache\apache2.4\bin\php.ini" according to your directory
        Update www\oracletoolbox\pswd.ini file with your oracle credentials
        start apache server with bin\apache\apache2.4\bin\httpd.exe
        browse url
        log with admin / admin

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Oracletoolbox by Guillaume Duwelz-Rebert, Frederic Danner, Frank Berger and Cyrille Tribout
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